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Focus on growing your business: The Basics of PEO

Premier announces a new service offering

Premier Consulting Partners is excited to announce the newest addition to our service wheel which will allow Premier to extend a line of service that is dedicated to helping your business streamline operations so you can become more efficient and profitable. Premier PEO (professional employer organization) will provide businesses with a team of experts that can take over stressful and time-consuming tasks such as payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance, allowing you to focus on what’s most important – growing your business.

Why this matters

Being an employer in today’s marketplace has become a difficult proposition.  Success ultimately requires a relentless focus on core products and services, customers, competition and the bottom-line. Unfortunately, non-revenue generating administration functions tied to human resource management, employee benefits, payroll and tax administration, risk management and compliance with state and federal regulations can easily become distractions.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

How Premier PEO works. 

At Premier Consulting Partners, we work closely with our clients to align their human and capital resources with strategic business goals and objectives. Through our flexible PEO (Professional Employer Organization), and ASO (Administrative Services Only) service delivery platforms, administrative functions become more systems dependent and less people dependent. Giving our clients a stronger, more focused organization armed for growth with fewer headaches. 


  • HR Compliance
  • Payroll & Tax Administration
  • Employee Benefits & Benefit Administration
  • Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management
  • Time & Labor Labor Management 

The following table compares core service offering responsibility allocations between our PEO and ASO options.


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