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Health Plans – How Premier helps employees make the right decisions.

Choosing the right health plan during open enrollment is a stressful time for employers and employees alike. Our team has prepared a checklist for employees that will guide them through the open enrollment process and help them make the wisest health care plan decisions possible.

Guide on how to choose the right health plan


Employee Checklist

60-80 Days Before

Research prior spend needs

  • Review previous year’s medical, dental, and vision expenses
  • Identify doctor(s), prescriptions, and other required expenses for the next year
  • Examine previous year’s FSA and HSA spending and forecast next year’s expense
  • Select which family members will be on your employer-sponsored plan

45-50 Days Before

Company roll-out and communication

  • Create a list of questions to review with your employer or HR administrator
  • Attend company learning session on changes to benefits or added benefits
  • Review company-provided materials, brochures, and benefits
  • Add important dates and deadlines to personal calendar
  • Identify which plans align best to your required doctor(s) and expenses
  • Review changes to HSA, FSA caps, co-pays, premiums, and deductibles
  • Discuss plan options with partner/spouse if applicable


30-45 Days Before

Selection period is: ___________. You must enroll or decline by: ___________.

  • Select & enroll in your medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Choose your FSA or HSA contribution amounts
  • Enroll in additional perks programs based on anticipated usage


After Effective Date

ID cards received

  • Ensure you received ID cards for applicable medical, dental, and vision plans

After first paycheck

Review for accuracy

  • Review paycheck and ensure contribution amounts are accurate


If you would like more information on how Premier can help you navigate Open Enrollment, help employees choose the right plan and maintain effective communication. Please fill out the form below.


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