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Navigating Training During the Covid Crisis

During a crisis, one of the most common things business leaders do involves cutting the training budget. However, in difficult times, while it might make sense to reduce the money spent on training, business owners and leaders should consider the impact. 

Navigating challenging times, such as Covid-19, your leaders and employees are already feeling disjointed and disconnected. Cutting a planned training budget can further impact a workforce negatively. Rather than cut the budget, consider putting training resources toward new fresh training, which will help leaders and employees navigate this crisis and present skills that assist them in managing a workforce remotely. 

We’ve provided a few sample training topics you may consider. 

  • Honing business communication skills in the new world
  • Time management when operating a home office
  • Addressing “family” concerns during this time
  • Managing the stress and emotional side of this Pandemic
  • Learning new ways to meet business goals in the current business climate
  • How to know when you’re doing OK: “Am I achieving my goals?”

Don’t let training be the first budget item that goes away during this time. Creative ways to provide relevant training can do a lot to get “back to normal” and improve employee morale. More than ever, businesses have access to technology that makes it more accessible and cost-effective to allow leaders and employees to learn and improve their capability.

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