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Premier Consulting Partners – News & Updates

2019 saw big changes for Premier Consulting Partners. Unveiling a new brand image. Moving into a new HQ. Recruiting a long list of excellent team members to our roster. And the biggest change of all – we joined Relation Insurance’s family of brands.

At the core of each change was the intention of Premier’s leadership to answer one simple question. 

‘How can we serve our clients better and support our teammates.’ 

Russell Brown - Premier Consulting Partners

Joining the expansive list of Relation family of brands across the United States did just that. It allows Premier to serve clients in bigger ways. While supporting Russell Brown’s quest to become a destination firm. A place where people love to come to work.  

“The underpinning of our success has been finding excellent people in the business who bring intelligence, deep industry experience, and fun to serving our clients,” said Russell Brown, CEO of Premier. “This philosophy has shaped our culture and fueled our success, and we saw deep alignment with Relation, as well as a shared desire for expansion. We look forward to leveraging Relation’s specialized services to fuel growth and augment the great services we already offer to our clients.”

So how do you become a destination firm? If you are Joe Tatum, CEO of Relation Insurance Services, the answer is simple. 

Be thoughtful about who you hire. If they aren’t a culture fit don’t hire them.”

The acquisition of Premier is Relation’s fourth this year as it focuses on broadening its national footprint. Which is why Relation has adopted the philosophy “Culture First”

“If you bring in the wrong hire or acquire the wrong firm. It will pollute your culture.  Which is expensive. Not just for your balance sheet but for your team as well. One bad decision can cost someone their job.” said Joe Tatum

While a lot of companies talk about the importance of workplace culture. Relation actively pursues it. 

Just sit down with Ed Page, President and COO of Relation, for a few minutes and hear him talk about his favorite day of the week at work.

“S.T.A.W (Service Team Appreciation Week) is our opportunity to show our team we really care about them,” said Page. What is S.T.A.W. week? “It’s five days of showering our service team with events, lunches, pedicures, and gifts to show them how appreciated they are!”

This week it isn’t just Page’s favorite week of the year either.

“The producer’s even chip in their own money to help leadership spoil the front line members of our team.” 

From the CEO to the receptionist, Relation believes in taking care of their teammates. It’s not just about the business. It’s about developing personal relationships and building a community.

“In a competitive landscape, culture is the only thing you can do to set yourself apart.” said Page

What made Premier and it’s approximately 40 employees based in the Tulsa area the right culture choice for Relation to expand its footprint in Oklahoma and surrounding markets?

“Russell Brown,” said Joe Tatum. “We aren’t looking for managers. We are looking for strong leaders. Leaders are not made. They are born. We saw those natural qualities in Brown.”

As a result of that leadership, Premier has developed a strong track record of growth, specialized experience, and a dynamic leadership team.  Established in 2014, Brown founded Premier as a way to fill a void in the marketplace. Offering 360º solutions for families and small businesses; which include employee benefits, property & casualty, HR consulting and wealth management.

Under Brown’s leadership, Premier will spearhead Relation’s expansion into the central U.S. region, leveraging Premier’s platform and experienced team to support that effort.

About Relation Insurance Services

Relation Insurance Services is an insurance brokerage that offers superior risk-management and benefits-consulting services through its family of brands across the United States. It is ranked by Insurance Journal within the top 40 largest agencies in the country by revenue and has nearly 500 employees in more than 30 locations nationwide. Relation is a privately held corporation owned by Aquiline Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in New York and London investing in businesses globally across financial services and technology. Visit: www.relationinsurance.com for more information.

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